About Us

Samandar Sharifi Construction Group is a non-governmental and non-political Organization established in 1984 in justly proud of its 30 years history of achievements in the field of civil construction.  In the earlier years the company’s business activities were restricted to the Kandahar province where executed more than 50 projects of road and building constructions. SSCG is one of the fastest growing construction firms in Afghanistan.

SSCG aim to take an active role in the construction and rehabilitation of the country and provide job opportunities to the most vulnerable people through the implementation of different kind of construction projects , In earlier years we had been worked under the title of SQCU (Sharifi Qadar Construction Unites) registered with AISA and MRRD but later in 2002 the SQCU name changed to Samandar Sharifi Construction Group (SSCG)  holding License # D-23198 started activities with profitable construction company. Currently SSCG has been operating in the field of construction and rehabilitation throughout all provinces of Afghanistan specially Helmond, Kandahar, Zabul , Urzgon , Herat , Ghazni , Bamyan, Mazar e Sharif, Khost and Kabul, etc in timely and utmost professionalism. SSCG has combination of Professionalism, Quality, Knowledge and Experience. We serve the government and non-government construction and rehabilitation activities in a cost effective, efficient, accessible and affordable manner. SSCG is a registered vendor with the US government under JCCS # 74873, DUNS # 559902402 and NCAGE Code: SXA52 in System for Award management (SAM).

SSCG is the firm of skilled, experienced and Professional staff that can play vital role  in rehabilitation of Afghanistan and maintain the highest standards in all areas of activities and pay utmost attention to the project reporting , quality control , safety & environmental control , use of international building Codes.

Samandar Sharifi Construction Group S.S.C.G completed numerous  road and building projects with high standard, timely , high quality and in professional manner , Having expertize in Roads, Buildings , Bridge and culverts constructions ,Supplies of all constructional martials , Utilities and many more projects in compliance directly  to  clients  applicable standards and even We have led the way in using industry best practices , Client involvement is a priority , We deliver project fulfillment on time , best quality and on budget.  Our most valuable asset is our employees. It is their dedication to hard work and their many years of experience that makes SSCG stand head and shoulder above its competition.